So you’ve bled your brakes and are back to full braking power… Sweet!

Next – it’s advisable to give the kit a quick clean and allow it to dry before packing it up.  This ensures that you can use it again, and that there is no nasty brake fluid resting inside of the components whilst it is packed away somewhere.

The cleaning procedure is simple, but a couple of rules ensure a top job:

  1. Never use any soap or cleaning products to clean the kit.  Simply warm water on it’s own is enough to do the trick.
  2. Ensure the components are fully dry before re-assembling and putting away.

Simply follow the below guide to ensure your bleed kit is good for multiple uses.

  1. Make sure that the syringes and tubing have been full emptied of brake fluid/oil.  You MUST dispose of brake fluid responsibly.  Do not put it down the drains. I like to keep an old bottle laying around to keep any old oil in, until I get to take it to the tip and dispose of it in the appropriate oil bank.  You can find a list of oil banks near to where you like via this link.
  2. Once you’re rid of any left over oil in the syringes and tubing, stand over an empty sink fill up a small container/bowl (Please don’t use your best china for this) with some warm water.  Withdraw the water into the syringes until they are full, then squirt the water out into the sink/plughole.  Repeat this a few
  3. Extend the plunger to its maximum position, then gently pull the plunger out of the syringe body so they are
  4. Either run them under a warm tap to clean them, or you can leave them resting in a container/bowl for a while to allow them to soak (or both).how-to-take-care-of-your-bleed-kit-5how-to-take-care-of-your-bleed-kit-6
  5. Once fully cleaned, transfer all of the components to some kitchen roll or an an old towel and either leave them to air dry, or you can pop them on a radiator for a
  6. Once full dry, you can re-assemble everything and put it away until you need to bleed your brakes again.

All done!

Worth Noting: Sometimes the clear tubing can turn a little cloudy looking.  This should not affect the workings of the bleed kit for future use.