SRAM have recently updated some versions of their Guide brakes to use a new revised S4 caliper…

This new caliper has done away with the traditional threaded bleed port found on the other versions of the SRAM caliper. The new version, which requires the special ‘SRAM Bleeding Edge Technology Tool‘ in order to bleed it, involves a new and improved bleed port without the need to thread in via a traditional type of bleed adaptor, as the new Bleeding Edge Tool adaptor simply clicks into place. it has been designed to make the bleed procedure a little easier and with less chance of fluid leaking out during the bleed process. The bad news is that we don’t currently offer a bleed port adaptor to fit the new bleed ports (we are working on it), so for now, if you have the new S4 caliper you will need this adaptor in order to bleed your brake.

So what’s this new bleed port and adaptor look like and how do you check which caliper you have…

Check out the images below to see what you are looking for and for the differences in bleed ports as well as bleed adaptors from both SRAM and ourselves.

If you have purchased your SRAM Guide brake(s) new, then you may have this tool in the box. Currently SRAM are only providing it with the rear brake, so if you are in the market then it may be worth purchasing the rear brake regardless of which brake you want it for (and cutting down the hose if it’s the front). This way you should get the Bleeding Edge Tool included.

So, what bleed kit/adaptor do you need for your brakes…

1) Currently, if have the S4 caliper and you do need the Bleeding Edge Tool we would recommend purchasing it from here:

OEM SRAM Bleed Kit with Bleeding Edge Tool.

2) If you are looking for an SRAM bleed kit without the tool (because you don’t need it, or already have it), then check out our very own SRAM bleed kits here:

Big Ride Racing SRAM Bleed Kit.

3) For a guide to bleeding your SRAM brakes with the new Bleeding Edge Tool, check out our guide here:

How to bleed your SRAM Guide S4 brakes.